Gay cake row reached the highest court in Europe


The gay man who sued a bakery for refusing to make a pro-same-sex marriage cake featuring Bert and Arnie from Sesame Street (the creator behind the characters said that he saw himself and his boyfriend in these characters, s from some point they might be viewed as a gay couple) to the European Court of Human Rights after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the bakers, who refused to make a cake with a message “support gay marriage”, using their evangelical Christian faith as an excuse for it. Lee’s lawyers announced on Thursday (August 15) that they are challenging the 2018 decision at Europe’s highest human rights court, as they believe Mr. Lee’s rights were not appropriately valued from the point of view of the European Convention of Human Rights. Lee said that the case “has never been about” an individual’s beliefs, but about the way these believes impact on business though they should not. “I have my own beliefs. But that’s not what my case has ever been about. This is about limited companies being somehow able to pick and choose which customers they will serve. It’s such a dangerous precedent.”, the claimant says.


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