Gay club owner is boycotted because of a willing to be a Republican Congressman


A gay club in San Antonio, Texas is facing a boycott because of the political views of its owner. Mauro Garza, the Republican owner of the Pegasus gay nightclub, has announced a 2020 challenge to Democratic lawmaker Joaquin Castro. The thing is that Mr. Castro is behind many pro-LGBT initiatives in the Congress and the queer community is taking his side. San Antonio activist group “Protest the Peg” is calling on the local LGBT+ community to boycott the club , as well as demanding the tourists not to visit it when they come to the city. The group noted that Garza has previously stated his support for Donald Trump’s ban on transgender militants, and also publicly admired the actions of anti-LGBT Senator Ted Cruz. Garza’s campaign website makes no mention of his ownership of the nightclub, describing himself as an “entrepreneur.”He says: “I advocate for Marriage Equality, because the government has no right to be in our bedrooms. I advocate for Tax Equality for Domestic Partner Benefits. I will advocate Conservative Reform for the LGBT+ Community.”


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