Trump administration insists it should be legal to fire people for being trans


The Trump administration has told the Supreme Court that it is legal to fire people for their gender identity. A brief was filed on Friday August 16 by the Justice Department arguing that transgender workers are not protected by federal civil rights law and if they are dismissed from job the state would not protect them. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court agreed to hear three cases to determine whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits workplace discrimination, applies to LGBT+ workers. The brief submitted by Trump’s Justice Department pertains to one of those three cases: RG & GR Funeral Homes Inc vs Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in which transgender woman Aimee Stephens lost her job because she transitioned into female. In its request to the Supreme Court, the Justice Department is arguing that, when the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, “the ordinary meaning of ‘sex’ was biological sex” and did not include cases when the person’s gender identity does not coincide with the sex assigned at birth. Alliance Defending Freedom, the right-wing legal group that petitioned the Supreme Court to hear Ms Stephens’ case, said the 6th Circuit had tried to redefine the term sex. But Ms Stevens’ lawyers insist that this case goes far beyond their client’s transgender status. Women who want to wear pants in the workplace, men who want more childbearing responsibilities. Those protections are also in peril with the arguments advanced by the Trump administration presented at the Supreme Court. There isn’t a coherent way to carve out LGBT+ people without changing the standard that exists under the law, ” they told Huffington Post.


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