Man disrupts drag queen story hour to verbally abuse the audience


A man interrupted a drag queen story hour event on the day before Pride week in Ottawa to tell the audience that they would burn in hell. Drag queen Adrianna Exposée was reading stories to children at Westcliffe Community Center on August 17 when the man burst in shouting, but she showed resistance. Some parents can be seen leaving with their children, while others tried to force the man to leave, but he only called them child abusers. However, the drag queen responded: “If you have a problem with me, you can take it up with me, but do not bring it on these people.” She added that the man might not accept the way she dresses bit she accepts it and she knows that God accepts her, because He loves and accepts all His kids. “Things like that stick with you, so they definitely make you stronger,” the performer later said, “They make you realize that what you do is important and that people can relate to that – and I think it actually happened at the perfect time, right before Pride, because that’s where we’re protesting.”


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