Award-winning director wants mature queer women to be more visible


Time & Again was written, produced and directed by Rachel Dax and is currently being shown at film festivals. It is a story about two women in love who were forced to live in closet and to marry men, which led to them being apart for more than half a century, but then they reconnected as they were made to live in the same nursing home. Dax said that older LGBT+ characters in films are almost unrepresented. And those who are shown are mostly gay men. As for elderly LGBT+ womanhood, it s something filmmakers are afraid to explore. The film’s executive producer, Leigh-Ann Regan, also told the BBC: “Romantic stories about elderly people are not something we see a lot of, let alone romance between the ageing LGBT+ populations. And they exist in their thousands, if not millions. This needs to change and I hope this film will play a part in that happening.”


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