Die Antwoord are accused of homophobia


The band was accused of being homophobic after the video was leaked, and it allegedly showed its members Ninja and Yolandi Visser attacking Hercules & Love Affair musician Andy Butler at the 2012 Future Music Festival in Adelaide, Australia, spitting on him and chanting hateful slurs. The rest of the clip follows the band as they flag down festival security staff to report the incident. They allege that Butler groped Visser, who appears visibly upset. Afterwards, Ninja says of Visser: “She’s like Marilyn Monroe, this is Oscar Award winning.” He is also heard using a racial slur. Ninja denied that the fight was a “hate crime” in a Facebook statement.“Ben has cleverly edited this video clip to make it seem like me and Yolandi committed a hate crime towards a person because they are gay,” he wrote on Sunday, August 18.


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