Brazil’s president just slashed funding for LGBT theater plays and films


The decision will suspend around 70 million Brazilian real (US $17.42 million) from the government’s grant which would fund around 80 movies, only a handful of which was LGBT-related, but this handful appeared to be more than enough for Jair Bolsonaro to cut off the funding completely. The country leader said in a live stream that he wanted to change the process for government-funded cultural projects. Speaking to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, film director Emerson Maranhão said the president was “harming 80 projects” to censor those he did not like. To those Bolsonaro did not like Maranhão counted the docu-series directed by him, as they are devoted to the life of the transgender community in the country. “The first project he called out was ours, and in such a pejorative and dishonoring way,” he said. Producers and directors affected by the move are reportedly planning legal action to block the president’s decision.


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