It Chapter Two will change the hate crime attack scene


It Chapter Two will feature a hate crime against a gay man that appeared in Stephen King’s source, but the gay character Adrian Mellon is to be depicted in a slightly but significantly different way in the movie than he is in the book, Entertainment Weekly reports, citing the film director Andy Muschietti as their source. Muschietti made this change for an important reason. He revealed that King based the character on the real-life story of Charlie Howard, who was tragically murdered in 1984 as a result of homophobic hate crime. He had asthma, and though King does not mention it, the filmmaker decided to make it visible in the movie. In King’s story, Adrian Mellon is pushed over a bridge by the teenagers – and when he lands, meets the film’s terrifying clown Pennywise, who kills him. In the real-life murder of Charlie Howard, he was pushed over a bridge – much like in King’s story – and died in water because he struggled to breathe and his attackers knew it, which made the real-life situation even more horrible.


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