LGBT people don’t feel safe in Birmingham after Brexit


As Birmingham’s Gay Village faces the threat of a proposed residential development, the West Midlands Police hate crime coordinator has been seriously concerned that there are less and less safe spaces or LGBT people. “While Birmingham is a liberal city, attitudes to LGBT people are still mixed,” the coordinator said in a report to Birmingham City Council’s planning committee, noting that the most crowded areas of the city (like the center) are the least safe when it comes to LGBT. Police pointed to an increase in anti-LGBT+ attacks in the past few years. They directly connected it to the Brexit referendum because it was the driving force for many conservative right-wing groups (the majority of which are anti-LGBT) to promote their views more actively and often radically. According to Birmingham Mail, 453 homophobic hate incidents were reported to West Midlands Police between February and July of this year – almost double the figure for the previous six months.Home Office figures show that across England and Wales, reported hate crimes motivated by a person’s sexuality have doubled from 5,591 in 2014/15 to 11,638 in 2017/18. Reports of transphobic crimes soared from 607 to 1,651 in the same period.


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