Three men arrested over attacking Owen Jones


Three men have been arrested over the attack on Guardian columnist on August 17th. Jones, a prominent left-wing activist, alleged that he had been assaulted by a group of thugs with right-wing views, who punched and kicked him in the back and the head. Responding to the news, Jones tweeted a fingers-crossed emoji. He also reshared a day-old tweet that reads: “All the far right activists spamming me claiming I faked an attack against me and my friends who defended me. So one of two things will happen. Either me and my friends will be charged with perverting the course of justice, or you’ll all be humiliated. We’ll soon find out!” Detective Sergeant Scott Barefoot said previously: “This was a completely senseless attack on a man simply enjoying a night out with friends. Although there were no serious injuries, the effects of becoming a victim of such an attack can continue when any injuries have healed.”


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