EastEnders boss hopes one day there won’t be complains about same-sex kisses


Head of continuing drama at the BBC Kate Oates has said that while same-sex romances have become more common for the soap operas, she can only dream about the day when such storylines faced no complaints from watchers. People face many social obstacles when they try to build harmonized same-sex relationships in real life, and it is not easier when it comes to representing these relationships on TV. “There’s a paradox there because one of the things that makes viewers root for the couple and makes the story compelling is actually the thing we’re trying to change: the fact that there’s still so much prejudice,” she said, noting that the society is still too homophobic , but it is not a reason to stop LGBT inclusion on TV, vice versa, it is a stimuli to fight for it mare actively until it becomes a norm. “I’m looking forward to the day when a same-sex kiss can be shown on a mainstream soap and the duty log receives zero complaints – because then we’ll be in a much better place as a society,” the filmmaker concluded


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