Protesters against LGBT-inclusive education are afraid their kids will be taught to masturbate


Leaflets are being distributed at schools in east London claiming that LGBT+ inclusive education is teaching infant school kids about masturbation and they will be even encouraged to do so during lessons, which is, of course, untrue. V pervert the natural development of children by “promoting homosexual and transgender lifestyles”. Newham Labour councillor Rohit K. Dasgupta spoke out against the campaign, warning that activists were using private WhatsApp groups to coordinate protests and misinformation is the key tool they use for it. The group behind the leaflet, School Gate Campaign, told the BBC it would remove the statement about masturbation but “stood by” its other claims. Their website continues to falsely claim that during the lessons the children would be shown anal sex and nudes. The School Gate Campaign website also includes a link to UKIP-affiliated campaign group Support 4 the Family, which has previously distributed literature comparing gay people to Hitler and the Yorkshire Ripper. 


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