Parents are afraid that a book about penguins will make kids gay


A picture book about a gay penguin couple raising a chick could confuse children into being gay, a concerned parent told Victoria Derbyshire. The comments were made during a 2 September segment on the program devoted to the debates around LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education. Simon Kidwell, the head of Hartford Manor Primary School in Cheshire, took a BBC studio audience – assembled to replicate a classroom – through a lesson aimed at Year 5 pupils based on the book And Tango Makes Three. zzy Montague, who withdrew her son from school after it promoted LGBT+ Pride, said the book “promotes LGBT+ lifestyles”, which she believed to be “unnatural” and “against the way of life”. Another parent, Sally Rowe, who removed her child from school over LGBT+ lessons, said that 10-year-old boys with a male best friend would be “confused” at the book’s message – they would learn that some boys fall in love with other boys and transform it on themselves, which would be “affecting the children’s innocence and purity”, she feels. Other audience members said that the book was “manipulative”, “disturbing”, “corrupting” and had “an underlying agenda”.


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