Right-wing pastor says LGBT people want domination over straight people


The so-called straight pride in Boston because the amount of counter-protestants was hundreds times higher than the number o0f attendees of the actual event. Pastor Greg Locke, who is one of the prominent opponents of LGBT rights, was one of those who did not take it well. He wrote on social media that this massive opposition to straight pride showed that LGBT people did not actually want equality; they wanted to dominate over the rest of the world. These words caused massive backlash on Twitter. n June he was banned from Facebook for sharing a video “stating that the transgender hype is nonsense”, and has previously compared homosexuality to bestiality. He also said that planned parenthood had killed more people than climate cataclysms. Boston’s Straight Pride Parade drew a few hundred supporters who marched with placards reading “It’s Great To Be Straight” and “Make Normalcy Normal Again,” while a large float featured the messages “2020 Trump” and “Build the Wall”.


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