Brexit party has one more trans candidate


The Brexit Party has announced its general election candidate for South Northamptonshire is Rachel Warby. She is 52, she performs hairdressing courses and she is a transgender woman whose goal is to show that Brexit party is not against diversity and it is actually much more diverse than most people think. She said that she identified as female as long as she remembers herself but she had a gender reassignment surgery only 27 years ago. She sees nothing special or extraordinary in that fact that she is going to represent the party, but if others think so it is only a plus, because the stereotypes are not infused in these people’s minds and they can see the real picture. “We all have a duty in society, and a responsibility to help each other through difficult periods in our lives,” she said, “I believe we are all guardians of democracy and we have a duty to preserve this, it is fundamentally what holds us all together, without it we lose what it is that creates our freedom, liberty and effective civil society.”


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