Most Brits think primary-school kids should know about same-sex families


Three days after a BBC audience said that a book about a gay penguin couple raising a chick was “disturbing”, “corrupting”, “unnatural” and had “an underlying agenda”, Stonewall conducted the research according to which almost 2/3 of the young British population (aged 16-24) are shown to be supportive of such kind of materials being added to the primary school program. Stonewall’s figures follow YouGov polling conducted earlier this year, which found 59 percent of the UK population – including 47 percent of Conservative voters – backed teaching LGBT-inclusive relationships education in schools. Starting from September 2020 British children will learn about sexuality and gender identity issues on the age-appropriate level and the youngest ones will learn about different types of families – in part those with two moms or two dads. Commenting on the new research, Olly Alexander of Years & Years said: “LGBT+ inclusive education would have made a huge difference in my life. All schools need LGBT-inclusive education, it can and will save lives. Every young person deserves an education that shows them it’s OK to just be themselves and that, no matter someone’s sexuality or gender identity, they deserve respect.”


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