Karamo Brown says he faces threats for praising Sean Spicer


The Fab Five member came under fire after it was revealed that he would be taking part in the ABC reality show alongside the former Press Secretary, whom he describes as a nice and sweet guy. The backlash around such a compliment made Karamo quit Twitter. Returning to Instagram on Saturday (September 7), the Queer Eye star explained that there are aggressive strangers who threaten him, his fiancé and his two sons, so that he decided not to expose his life on social media anymore. “People who I thought supported & loved me turned their backs on me… saying I was a traitor, a horrible person, delusional and treating me really bad… but as I walk into my first dance rehearsal for @dancingabc No More Tears and No More Holding My Head Low!” Spicer, in turn, also asked people to leave Brown alone – yes, they have different opinions about certain issues, but they simply avoided mentioning these issues in their conversation, that’s all, the only thing Brown cam be blamed for is just being nice to Spicer even though his views are different.


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