Kristen Stewart wants to play a gay superhero


When asked at the Toronto International Film Festival what kind of superhero she would like to play, Kristen Stewart only said that she would like them to be gay. On Saturday, September 7, she told Variety in an interview at the film festival: “That’s been a conversation that’s always existed. I’ve always radically rejected it.” The interviewer referenced the Harper’s Bazaar story, where Stewart said she had been warned not to come out because it might have caused her career. The journalist wished the actress to hear from Marvel after that candid interview. Stewart said she only specifically mentioned Marvel because it was an example of “a big conglomerate-y type thing”, but when Marvel star Anthony Mackie, who was sitting next to her, was asked: “Anthony, what superhero should Kristen be?” Stewart cut in, proclaiming: “A gay one!” For her it is important because she wants to represe4nt the new generation which is ready to discuss the different aspects of sexuality from the positive perspective. Stewart continued: “It’s nice to be able to talk about that in a way that people really understand now. Instead of sounding like I’m being crazy, like, ‘Don’t put me in a box! Ambiguity’s a cool thing!’ Now, it’s, like ‘duh’. Before, I had to say it like it was some far out idea. Now it’s more on the main stage, which is rad.”


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