Munroe Bergdorf gives advice to her younger self via Twitter


31-year-old transgender celebrity says there were lots of things she did not understand about building relationships with men when she was 25. The first one is queerness. She is a queer woman who does not need to accept heteronormative standards of dating (and of life in general) and to suffer that she does not fit in them. Dating hyper-masculine, cisgender, straight identifying men is not making her more feminine, she is not more validated as a female because of the men she dates, and she does not need to prove anyone that she is a woman. “Boys who lie to the women in their lives, lie to themselves just as much to justify their actions. Jealousy is not a sign that he cares, it’s toxic and a sign that he can’t trust you because he can’t trust himself. There are people out there who will allow you to become the best version of yourself AND turn you on. Toxic relationship sex only feels good because it’s a reminder of when things were good. Eventually he will become abusive. Leave,” she tweeted.


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