Actor Andrew Scott does not like to be called openly gay


Star of BBC comedy Fleabag Andrew Scott identifies as gay, but he is against being labeled in the media as “openly gay”. It is because in everyday life people don’t call each other like this – they don’t introduce their friends as openly gay, it would sound as silly as openly blond or openly Irish. It is just a feature, and people will stop to hide it (or, speaking the media language, will all become “openly gay\lesbian\bisexual\trans etc.”) only if it won’t be seen as more than one of a thousand facts about a person which does not define their personality. His character is straight and he sees nothing wrong or special in this – meaning, of course, that actors should have equal opportunities during castings, but gay actors can play straight roles and vice versa. People don’t bother that he plays a priest though he is not a priest in real life, do they? Then why does not it work the same way when it comes to sexuality?


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