Same-sex marriage will be ‘the law of the land’ in Northern Ireland, the senior minister vows


Preparations for introducing same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland are going full steam ahead, with one senior minister declaring it will be “the law of the land” no later than by the end of next year. As for now, Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK where marriage equality is not legal. On July 9, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favor of changing the law on 21 October 2019 if the devolved Northern Ireland Executive has not been re-established by that date. With less than seven weeks to go until October 21 Northern Ireland still fails to form a government. Lord Ian Duncan, Northern Ireland Office Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, has no doubt that marriage equality will be approved in Northern Ireland by 2020, and it allows to suggest that the Executive is unlikely to be restored before the crucial deadline, although Duncan was unwilling to confirm if this is the case. “On this issue I feel a degree of being torn because I want an Executive up and running again, but I’m also a gay man, my husband and I are in a civil union,” he said.


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