Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski learns to deal with sex symbol status


Speaking to YouTuber Joseph Shepherd, Porowski acknowledged that being a sex symbol is now a part of his media image and he is not going to pretend that he is unaware of it. He has to keep himself in a good shape to post good pictures in underwear, but for him it is just an entertainment, he does not bother about the way he looks more than he should. “If I’m doing something purely for validation and attention—I call that the ‘McDonald’s Syndrome’ because it feels good for five minutes, then you feel like garbage. Whether it’s an endorsement, posing in my underwear for a photographer or for a brand like Tom Ford, I’m always checking my intentions and figuring out why am I doing what I’m doing,” the food and wine expert said, “When I’m a weird 80-year-old man hopefully living in Rome, I really want to have a gut and just not give a s*** and I’m just going to have photos of myself in my thirties in my underwear.”


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