Anti-gay Russian rapper’s video broke the dislike record on Youtube


Russian rapper Timati (real name – Timur Yunusov) removed an anti-LGBT, pro- Putin music video from Youtube after it reached a record amount of dislikes on this video platform. Released on Sunday (September 9), the song includes lyrics such as: “I don’t go on protests and I don’t talk s***,” and praises Moscow for being “the city where they don’t hold gay parades.” Many were suspicious that the video had been posted on the eve of Moscow’s local elections, leading to suggestions that the song and the video was sponsored by the Kremlin directly. “Top two of the dumbest Kremlin strategies: 2. [Beat people up] with batons to make them respect the authorities. 1. Release Timati’s video to make the people respect the authorities,” read one widely-shared tweet. Timati, who has previously described himself as the President’s best friend, removed the video claiming he had had no aim to offend anybody. “I love my city, and now it looks the best it has ever looked in all 36 years of my life, for which I am immensely grateful to those who made it possible. I definitely do not need mess so I am deleting this video to stop this wave of negativity.”


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