Football boss condemns racism, but not homophobia


The president of the French Football Federation (FFF) Noël Le Graët has told the local radio France Info that if he heard a racist slur from football fans during the game, it would be enough for him to stop the game. But when it comes to homophobic slurs, he does not believe them to be a reason for the game to stop. “We will make sure there are no more [homophobic banners and chants]. But stopping a game? No, I would not stop the games – totally against this,” he said, : “I would stop a match if there are racist chants, that is clear.” Being asked about why he treats these two types of discrimination so differently, he responded that racism and homophobia are not the same thing. Sports minister Roxana Maracineanu spoke to the media at parliament and said: “The position of Noël Le Graët, which differentiates racism and homophobia, is erroneous.” She added that it showed that the football chief is just unaware about what discrimination is and it is necessary for him to self-educate about it.


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