Lil Nas X commented a scandal with Kevin Hart


The gay rapper was asked about the verbal confrontation with the comedian who repeatedly interrupted him during the interview to ask why he considered it necessary to come out as gay in public. The ‘Old Town Road’ singer says he has no anger in his heart towards the host. “I’m not trying to put nothing, I’m not trying to say anything, because you say anything, your words get twisted, and then you’ve got to say something about that, and it’s just on and on… so no, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart,” Lil Nas X told Hoodrich Radio. Hart was accused of gaslighting Lil Nas X after he questioned why a black man might find it difficult to come out as gay. Lil Nas X replied that he was taught to hate this when he grew up, and Hart pretended not to understand what exactly he was taught to hate. Many were confused by Hart’s apparent lack of awareness about homophobia, being as the actor was forced to step down from hosting the 2018 Oscars over his own “insensitive words” towards the LGBT+ community.


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