Stephen King loves queer plot twist in “It. Chapter Two”


The sequel to It confirms the long-held fan theory that a major character — Richie Tozier (played by Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard) — is having a crush on his male BFF Eddie and struggles to accept this particular feeling and attraction to men in general throughout his life. Nothing like this has ever been mentioned in Stephen King’s book, and the bestselling author himself could never even suggest that Richie and Eddie could be viewed as a couple. But as he told Vanity Fair, he is not against it, moreover, he finds this idea genius, because it sort of reflects the very beginning of the plot. King said he liked the addition as “a bookend” for the movie, referring to the film’s opening scene which is a real-life based act of a homophobic violence. “At the time I started writing It, the murder had just happened. It was fresh in my mind, and fitted my idea of Derry as a place where terrible things happened,” King told the Bangor Daily News. Unfortunately both gay characters’ stories end tragically in the film, but King said he appreciated how their stories stand in contrast to the ugliness and cruelty fostered by Pennywise.


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