Charli XCX yells for gay rights


The singer can be heard screaming “gay rights!” while holding a bottle of poppers in a viral Twitter video. A meme which has become a rallying cry for people to say anything vaguely related to the queer community is an example of gay rights. Phillip, based in Brooklyn, New York, met the pop star in a Rough Trade in the borough on the corner of 64 N 9th Street. She posed for a picture and then signed his poppers. He posted it on Twitter and the singer herself replied that it was iconic. While Bobby Caruso, a writer based in New York, dropped the video on his Twitter of the singer shouting the chant, later re-posted on her Instagram account too. This clip continues the surreal saga of Charli XCX’s fascination with poppers. In May this year, she joked about creating her own line of amyl nitrite, and one of the tracks in her newly-released album ‘Charli’ has a reference to Poppers directly.


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