Piers Morgan does not understand Sam Smith’s pronouns twist. Nobody is surprised


Good Morning Britain, host Morgan said that the singer made the announcement because they needed promotion and PR to increase the level of popularity. As GMB‘s entertainment editor, Richard Arnold, introduced the topic, co-host Susanna Reid in seconds had to correct Piers’ pronoun usage. But Morgan hit back that Smith used to mention they were a man in their songs, though all of these songs were released long before their coming out as non-binary. Morgan said that he would like to interview Smith and ask them what has changed in their viewpoint in comparison to what it used to be 1.5 years ago, when the host talked to them and heard the singer calling themselves a gay man. “Why suddenly are you, 18 months later on a new splurge of publicity which will not be unhelpful to [them] with [their] new album is out. Am I being too cynical to suggest that this might just be about getting publicity. I don’t know,” Morgan said


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