Rwandan gospel singer says the response on his coming out was horrible


Rwandan gospel singer Albert Nabonibo has come out as gay just a few weeks ago but has already faced a lot of negativity. He said he was ready for it because Africa is not an LGBT-friendly continent at all, but this hostile environment is not going to change as long as LGBT Africans stay silent. Actually, Rwanda does not belong to those countries that criminalize homosexuality, but it is socially disapproved. The singer has received abuse from family and friends as well as strangers. Some of his friends spoke to the Associated Press, but were “too embarrassed” to say their names. One said: “This is crazy. I don’t understand why he thinks this is normal.” Others are scared for their own safety, and one friend said he was in “agony” over the fact that his family knows he was friends with Nabonibo. He has blocked his former friend from any online contact because he started seeing a threat in him. Nabonibo, a qualified accountant as well as gospel singer, told the Associated Press that he has become an outcast in his workplace, but that he could no longer “live in denial”. He is still a Christian and he wants to sing for God.


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