Lady Gaga talks about the breakdowns and the power of glam


Lady Gaga reveals that during her Joanne world tour she felt emotionally broken and the only thing thanking to which she could survive was what she calls a power of glam. The Oscar-winning star said that being constantly on the road began to take its toll on her during the Joanne tour, her fifth solo world tour in under a decade, so she felt exhausted and struggled to find energy. And only her styling team drew her face (literally) and brought her back to life. “Sarah [Tanno, her makeup artist] would pick me up off the floor, sit me in a chair, dry my tears, and say, ‘I’m going to put on your face now,’” she recalled, crying, “Sarah would do my makeup, Freddie [Aspiras] would do my hair, and they would hold me and say, ‘Look at yourself. There’s Lady Gaga. You can do this. Now go do it.’” So she went on stage and did it. Gaga gave the interview to mark the launch of her make-up line Haus Laboratories, which she said will continue her legacy of being an LGBT+ ally.


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