Parents keep their child’s biological sex in secret to protect them from gender bias


A UK couple have decided to keep their baby’s biological sex a secret, even from their family because they don’t want their child to live in the world full of gender-related prejudice. Hobbit Humphrey, 38, and Jake England-Johns, 35, are circus performers and members of Extinction Rebellion. They describe their baby Anoush as the mot adorable little human who is interested in everything and who is just a pure delight. They clarify that gender-neutral parenting is not about eliminating all the child’s attempts to express gender. Moreover, it means giving them MORE opportunities to express it the way they want. The child wants to paint the walls in their room in blue? OK. In pink? Also OK. They are free to do what they want. Humphrey added: “Eventually they will get told by somebody that pink is only for girls and blue is only for boys, and you can’t play with that because you are a particular sex. That’s still a thing that happens these days. We’re just trying to protect Anoush from that… There’s just a bit more of a balance that I think needs to be there, so that we show kids that whatever it is that you’re interested in is OK.”


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