SNL comedian tried to apologize for homophobic slurs but it did not go well


Saturday Night Live‘s new cast member Shane Gillis tried to apologize for his remarks that contained homophobia, as well as sexism or racism. Gillis, 31, made the offensive comments in a 2018 episode of his podcast, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. He tried to delete a particularly offensive episode from the internet, but a recording on YouTube resurfaced hours after he was announced as the SNL cast member. The episode features Gillis and his co-host Matt McCusker ranking minorities in “the hierarchy of stand up comedy”. The 20-minute clip is riddled with racist and anti-gay slurs as well as uses of the word” like it is an offence. They state that white women are the least funny group of people, with gay men being the second un-funniest. They poke fun at Chinese immigrants, who they describe as “f*cking ch*nks” and imitate their accents. On Thursday, September 12, Gillis responded to the criticism in a statement that was planned as an apology, but he actually said that as a comedian he had to risk and to push boundaries, and sometimes he misses, but is all just to succeed in comedy. To our mind the good comedian is the one who has no need in hurting anyone’s feelings to make people laugh.


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