Drag Race UK star Divina de Campo in non-binary


The drag star who has also appeared on The Voice and All Together Now has come out as non-binary to their social media followers. ““Hi I’m Divina. I’m non-binary. It just means the terms male/female don’t ‘fit’ for me,” they wrote, adding that they are not going to specify their pronouns and people can use whichever they consider appropriate, Divina does not care. But they noted that if another person (non-binary, genderfuild, trans etc.) specifies their preferred pronouns, then use them, it is not hard. The world will be a much kinder place if it is done. The announcement was welcomed by other Drag Race stars. Drag Race UK’s Blu Hydrangea replied “Love you lots 💕”, while Gothy Kendoll wrote: “god i love you”. Aquaria, the winner of Drag Race US season ten, replied: “You better live this truth! ❤❤❤”.


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