US news networks discuss LGBT rarer under Trump


An analysis of a decade’s worth of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News coverage by The GDELT Project shows that the amount of discussion of LGBT-related issues on these three giant news networks is gradually dropping down starting from 2016, and whether it is a coincidence or not, but it is the same year Donald Trump took the office. The analysis, drawing on transcripts from the Television News Archive, looked at the frequency with which terms like gay, lesbian, transgender, LGBT and queer are mentioned. It states November 2016 as a turning point. The percentages are likely to significantly underestimate the total amount of coverage dedicated to LGBT+ issues, as the data only records blocks of time where specific key phrases are used. The experts insist that the influence of politics does exist here, but it ids indirect, because news networks just could not change the terminology overnight when the new President was elected. The GDELT Project noted: “The most likely explanation is that in a world defined by chaos, television news has simply shifted its coverage priorities. Though this has substantial ramifications with respect to raising awareness of LGBTQ issues.”


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