Mumsnet users stood against NHS rainbow badges


The latest outcry from the online parenting forum Mumsnet concerns the NHS’s LGBT+ rainbow badges, which the users brand to be divisive political symbols. The rainbow pins were introduced in March, and aim to address the challenges LGBT individuals often face when they try to gain access to healthcare services. The staff wanted to tell LGBT patients that they are on their side and ready for further discussion. But one of the users of the Mumsnet said that one the one hand inclusion is great, but on the other hand biological sex should be taken into consideration when it comes to healthcare. Actually, rainbow badges (which are optional, by the way) do not mean elimination of the biological sex factor from the healthcare. Moreover, they insist that there should be no difference in the way trans men or non-binary people assigned as female at birth are treated when they, for example want to have a child and the way cis women are treated in this case. However, the author of the original post and more than 80 users who commented it still called the badges anti-female and threatening for women


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