Singer Marc Almond got transphobia out of his system


After posting his negative opinion about the transgender community the singer faced backlash from the Twitter users and was made to delete the posts. He said he drew the line under everything that is alienating and not inclusive. ““I’ve always wanted a world without labels, one big melting pot as Blue Mink said (sorry bad song) or People Are People as Depeche Mode said. Now I have over 100 to choose from,” one of the tweets read. In the other one, however, Almond listed the labels of his own: “I’m a bloke, male, someone who likes to explore a feminine side depending on how I feel, or what kind of show I’m doing, always have, as many from my Gen did. Didn’t need a label don’t want want one now.” In another tweet he also criticized gender-neutral bathrooms saying that women had to pee where men did and they could not complain because they were afraid of some “fascists” who would tear them up saying that they were actually the victims. After the tweets were deleted, Almond posted a follow-up tweet describing the anti-trans tweets as “rage”. “There, I’ve made my point and got that out of my system. Just got rid of that rage. Don’t need to linger on that,” he wrote.


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