Gus Kenworthy on gay actors playing straight roles and vice versa


Gus Kenworthy has hit back at critics questioning whether he can play a convincing straight character saying that this is exactly what he did when he was in closet, and this “acting experience” lasted 23 years. The gay Olympic hunk is about to ditch the skis for the small screen this Autumn to play Chet Clancy in American Horror Story: 1984. He’ll be throwing on his finest Adidas short shorts to be the fitness-obsessed love interest of Emma Roberts’ character Brooke. People do not always like when gay actors play straight roles, so the athlete-turned-actor could not avoid the backlash too. “Some people wanted to know how I was cast as a straight man or if I could play straight. Is that even a question?” Kenworthy said. Furthermore, Kenworthy also commented on the growing and, at times, heated debate over straight actors playing queer character roles. He says that it also should not matter much, but allowing a gay person to play a gay character is always good and necessary, it brings more visibility and acceptance to the entertaining industry which is too straight-focused.


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