Hospital receptionist did not acknowledge the patient’s same-sex partner


LGBT+ women face “significant barriers” when it comes to accessing healthcare, according to a pioneering new report. The research was led by professor Catherine Meads at Anglia Ruskin University, alongside researchers at Leeds University and Birmingham City Council. One of the participants, who is a transgender lesbian, was asked to do a pregnancy test before a minor surgery. When she told the doctor that she could not get pregnant accidentally because of her sexuality and gender identity, the doctor responded it was still better to be sure. Another trans patient said: “I had knee surgery and woke up on a male ward – clearly they had looked at my face and overruled my notes.” “The locum first ignored my introduction as ‘partner’ and continued to call me ‘friend’ for the rest of the session,” said a lesbian who underwent treatment having her female partner by her side. Another one was in a quite similar situation. She said: “[The receptionist] refused to put down my partner’s name and partner/next of kin, kept saying, ‘I’ll just put friend.’ I said, ‘No, I want you to put partner,’ and she looked at me all lips pursed and said, ‘I’ll just put friend.’”


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