Dating show dropped a gay Muslim because there was no match


A gay Muslim man was dropped from the dating show Married at First Sight just days before filming started because producers could not find a couple for him. Melbourne-based actor Wil Karroum told the Daily Mail Australia that he was “strung along” by producers of the Australian version of the show for five months, before being rejected by email. The point of the show is that expert legally marry two random people and then watch them or a while giving them advice to make the marriage work. Karroum does not understand why there was no match for him because he knows that there are numerous gay men applying to this show since same-sex marriages became legal in Australia. “I foolishly believed the process and I genuinely want to find love. I’m a gay Muslim man and I get no support from my family, I need all the help I can get,” the devastated man says. While preparing to be on the show, he completed several questionnaires, did Skype and telephone interviews and was eventually invited to meet with Married at First Sight executive director Tara McWilliams. He called the questioning at the face-to-face interview, which included his favorite sexual position, “very intrusive” and “severely personal”. He added that they “also asked if I’d be afraid of the backlash from both the Muslim and Lebanese communities across Australia”.


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