David Cameron says Vladimir Putin banned ‘gay propaganda’ to increase birth rates


In his memoir For The Record, the former British prime minister recalled an exchange with Putin, who imposed the law that formally forbade “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships to minors”, but de facto it meant strict censorship and erasure of everything LGBT-related in Russian public space. Cameron, who is pro-LGBT, called his Russian colleague out. Putin replied that Russia was close to the demographic crisis and that is why men needed to be married to women and have many children. David Cameron sees no link between birth rates and not letting people know that some people are gay, so he still believes this conversation to be the coldest one among those he had ever had with Mr. Putin. A 2017 decision by the European Court of Human Rights found that Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law has been exploited to stifle free expression for LGBT+ Russians. “The very purpose of the laws and the way they were formulated and applied… [has] been discriminatory and, overall, served no legitimate public interest,” the Strasbourg-based court said.


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