Ben Whishaw dedicates his Emmy to Norman Scott


The actor picked up the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a limited series on Sunday, September 22, for the role of Norman Scott in the BBC gay-themed drama A Very English Scandal. The series was based on the real-life scandal that enveloped British Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, who was accused of murdering his male lover Norman Scott not to be outed as gay because by that time it would mean the death of his political career. Accepting the award, Whishaw said: “There’s one person I really, really want to dedicate this award to and it’s the man I had the privilege to portray in this show, Norman Scott, who took on the establishment with courage and defiance that I find completely inspiring. I want to thank Steven Frears, for being a wonderful director. I want to thank the magnificent actors in the cast, but especially Hugh Grant [who starred in the series as Thorpe – GNE]”. He also thanked his civil partner Mark for loving and supporting him on the way.


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