Gareth Thomas credits his loved one for learning to live with HIV


The rugby player, who has recently revealed to be HIV+, says that without support from his loved husband he would have never overcome that painful period of his life when journalists told his parent about his HIV status before Thomas was able to do it himself. In the interview to OK! Magazine Thomas thanked his beloved spouse Stephen for being by his side when he needed it the most and for loving him no matter what. Stephen also did not know initially that Gareth had HIV, and he knew nothing about the virus itself before they married, however, he has always been a shoulder to cry on for his loved one and it was hard for him to see his husband struggling. And Stephen did his best to help him to overcome it. He never judged Thomas because it is not a part of his nature to judge anybody, but there still were some myths to be dispelled. But as the rugby player said, it was done quite easy because nothing can be difficult with this man.


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