Marc Almond wants everybody to know he is not anti-trans


The singer who has posted several transphobic tweets and later deleted them now clarifies that he has nothing against the transgender community. In the deleted tweets, if to believe the screenshots, the singer said the labels are bad, but then counted the labels of his own and said that bathrooms need to be labeled by gender. “I’ve always supported the fluidity of genders and have of course dealt with varying genders in a lot of my songs. I have trodden where others wouldn’t dare at a time when most people were in the closet. I have experimented with gender types myself when others choose not to,” he says now in a statement published by PinkNews. He added that to represent the spectrum it is enough to show white instead of 100-shade flag. It means that of course, sexuality and gender are spectrums, but if there are ‘too many’ labels, it might ‘confuse’ people. He also insisted to consider some of his comments as an irony.


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