Piers Morgan accuses Sam Smith of wrecking BRITs


Piers Morgan has claimed that Sam Smith is responsible for “wrecking” the BRIT Awards, after the people behind the awards have announced that they unite Best Male Solo Artist and Best Female Solo Artist categories into one gender-neutral Best Solo Artist category. “They want to accommodate non-binary performers like Sam Smith… which category will [they] now enter? [They] won’t have to, now [they]’ll enter non-binary categories,” said Morgan, repeatedly misgendering Smith. He added that to “wreck” the award because of one person would be unfair because women would have fewer chances to win in competitions against men and they would suffer from it. The Grammy Awards abolished its gendered categories in 2012, while the MTV Video Music Awards ditched segregated male and female categories in 2017. And by the way, female artists (for example, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish) are extremely successful and they won there even competing against men.


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