Kathy Griffin shares list of words she swears never to say again


Kathy Griffin listed all the words that “offend the young gays”. She admits she used to say them, but vows never to do it again because now she realizes it was just not right. The iconic comedian appeared at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Hearts of Gold concert on Saturday, September 21. The concert celebrated 50 years of the organization fighting for LGBT+ rights and equality, and Ms Griffin was one of the performers who came to mark the jubilee. Griffin’s performance was an “in memoriam of very inappropriate words that I probably won’t say again … [because] I’ve evolved as an artiste, as an ally”. She began with “tranny,” and also listed “dykes on bikes” and “gash gobbler” and then added that many friends and relatives from different generations in Malaysia don’t allow her to say “ladyboy”. Of “doughnut bumper,” she said: “Doughnuts are a very good food group, and a vagina doesn’t really look like a doughnut. It looks like a beautiful rose.” Similarly, Griffin said she would no longer use “clam snacker” because “vaginas don’t actually have shells”. In general, ,let’s call vaginas vaginas, period.


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