The new season of The Circle includes a closeted lesbian


One of the contestants of the brand new season of the popular reality seems to lie about her sexual orientation to gain popularity. The British Channel 4 reality is about people who live in isolation and communicate only via a messaging system called The Circle. They create any identity they want in the system, the goal is to become popular enough among the other users not to be excluded from the show. Emelle, a 31-year-old lesbian model from Manchester, apparently thinks that there are two obstacles to her popularity – her sexuality and her age, because her avatar in The Circle is 24 y.o. and straight. The model insists that it was completely excused by the so-called straight privilege in society, especially when it comes to women. There are many straight women who find out that some guy they like is gay and they don’t bother about it, because nobody would object to having a gay BFF, she believes. But when a straight guy finds out the girl he likes is a lesbian he does not offer her friendship but tries to either change her sexuality (which is impossible) or abuse her for it. So, in the show with a goal of popularity she plays straight to make boys believe it might work out.


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