Newly-founded church already faces accusations of extremism and homophobia


A vicar in Cornwall is resigning from the Church of England (CoE) and starting his own church, but local residents doubt whether the church actually preaches Christian values. Philip de Grey-Warter announced that on September 29 he will lead his last service as vicar of Fowey, Cornwall, before leaving the Church of England and starting the new church, named “Anchor”, because CoE has held numerous pro-LGBT measures (in part water baptism for transgender people under their chosen names)he could not accept, so, having financial support from the anti-LGBT Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), he decided to find his own congregation. GAFCON made homophobic and misogynistic statements repeatedly, calling homosexuality an illness and hatefully expressing their views on same-sex marriage, so currently the vicar struggles to find followers, but does not want to change a thing.


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