Great British Bake Off star became a target for homophobic abuse


A former Great British Bake Off contestant has received a vile homophobic letter saying that as a man belonging to the Sikh community he should have not been gay because it causes an “offence” to this faith. The letter writer said they “couldn’t have been more disappointed” that Bansal had come out as gay because it is a prohibited “lustful” behavior. “I feel as though you are promoting a false image of being a person who can follow the religion, yet you promote a perverse lifestyle as if it is something you should be proud of,” they wrote, adding that being attracted to men itself has nothing to be done with – people are born this way and they cannot change it, but to the person’s opinion gay people should not publicly expose it. “I say that because I am deeply offended, as a Sikh myself, that you were so inconsiderate of the implication this would have on the wider community, which is why I was obliged to reach out. Very rarely do us Sikhs see ourselves represented on the TV and many of us were so excited to see you excel in such a way. I feel as though you have thrown that of [sic] all away by being gay,” the letter continues


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