Elsa might be a lesbian in the next part of Frozen


While it was already confirmed that Frozen 2 will not be focused on her love life, so the question of her sexuality will remain open. But the creators hint that LGBT watchers should not lose hope because the second part is not the last. The , entertainment site We Got This Covered has reported that according to mystery sources that there will be a threequel and Elsa will have a love story there. The gap between the first and second films was six years long, so fans might have to wait a while for Frozen 3. According to the source that spoke to We Got This Covered, Disney wanted to introduce a love interest for Elsa in the sequel but were worried that the movie would be censured in certain countries. Fans have been campaigning for Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend since the release of Frozen in 2013, and many in the LGBT+ community saw ‘Let It Go’ as a coming out anthem. While there was a lot of excitement surrounding rumors of a lesbian Elsa in the Frozen 2, fans are not getting their hopes up yet for Frozen 3


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