Man with HIV shares abuse he gets on Grindr


British trading manager named Tim is 29 years old and he is HIV+ and he does not hide it because he campaigns for the rights of people with the virus, tackles stigma and raises awareness. As many other single gay guys, Tim tried to get a boyfriend via a popular gay dating app, but his HIV-status was a reason for verbal abuse against him. n screenshots Tim saved before being blocked, an anonymous Grindr user interrogated him – asking how he acquired HIV – before branding Tim an “arrogant c***” after he told the user that it would better for him to read more publications about the way HIV can be acquired rather than to get this important information from a stranger o0n a hook-up app. “Why would you ask such personal questions. Like most people in the UK, I acquired it via sex, who that was from or how that happened has nothing to do with you, especially as a blank profile. If you’d like to know more, you can look at the NHS website or search for Terrence Higgins Trust,” Tim texted, before getting a rude respond and being blocked.


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